What to do when you find mold in the house?

Invariably, the first instinct is to remove mold and clean the area so it looks like nothing happened. So, would this fix the problem? No, not at all! 

Mold grows quickly. It only takes mold 24-48 hours to grow. If you have have not fixed the source that caused the problem, mold will be right back!

That being said, finding the source of the problem is easier said than done. 

One of the services we offer is a mold Diagnostic Inspection, that is focused on solving this very problem. Over time we have come across a whole variety of reasons that can cause mold. A non-functional exterior drainage system, a badly designed crawl space, thermal stratification and poor workmanship - the causes are elusive and there are lots of them!

So be patient, and don't run out to buy cleaning chemicals. Identify the cause, fix the problem. Because if you have not fixed the root problem, you will be needing more of the chemical, soon.