Water Leakage and Moisture

One certainty of a home or RV ownership is dealing with problems caused by water entry and moisture buildup. The unwanted financial and health consequences that follow, can be avoided via regular inspections.

This inspection is recommended on a regular basis, so leaks and moisture related abnormalities can be addressed immediately - before rot and mould takes over.

About the Inspection

The inspection makes use of infrared technology and a range of advanced sensory devices to detect:

  • Trapped moisture, invisible to the human eye.
  • Leakages and dampness inside the structure.
  • Collection points and/or travel path of trapped leakages. 
  • Defects that may contribute to, or cause water entry. 
  • Conditions that could promote the growth of mould.

Infrared imaging can detect early stages of leaks. Mould, rot and water stains are later stages of leakages.

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